Academic Staff

Name Role Expertise

Jason McKenzie Alexander|


Evolutionary game theory. Evolution of morality and social norms. Philosophy of social science. Foundations of decision theory.


Jonathan Birch|

Assistant Professor

Philosophy of science. Philosophy of biology. Philosophy of cognitive science.

Luc Bovens|

Professor and Head of Department

Philosophy and Public Policy. Moral and Political Theory. Rationality and Formal Epistemology.

Richard Bradley|


Decision Theory. Hypothetical reasoning. Foundations of economic and social theory.


Peter Dennis|

LSE Fellow

Epistemology. Rationality. Philosophy and Public Policy.

Roman Frigg|


Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Physics, with a special focus on Climate Change, Statistical Physics, Chaos Theory, Scientific Modelling, and Representation.

Andrew Khoury|

Senior Fellow

Moral Philosophy. Social and Political Philosophy. Metaphysics (especially Free Will, Personal Identity, and Action Theory).


Christian List|


Social choice theory. Decision theory. Political theory, formal and normative. Philosophy of science and social science. Theories of democracy and deliberation. Theories of agency, mental causation, and free will.


Anna Mahtani|

Assistant Professor

Vagueness. Philosophy of Probability. Formal Epistemology.

David Makinson|


Logic and its relations with other disciplines, particularly philosophy and computer science. Logic of belief change. Nonmonotonic reasoning. Input/output logics. Logic of normative systems. Logical friendliness. Qualitative versus quantitative analyses of uncertain reasoning. Relevance criteria for belief change operations.


Joe Mazor|

Assistant Professor (Temporary)

Political philosophy. Philosophy and public policy. Philosophy of economics. Environmental ethics.


Michael Otsuka|


Prioritarianism, egalitarianism, and the separateness of persons. The morality of imposing risks, harming, and saving from harm. Left-libertarianism. Personal identity. Free will and moral responsibility.

Wlodek Rabinowicz|

Centennial Professor

Moral philosophy. Value theory. Decision theory. Philosophical logic.

Miklós Rédei|


Foundational and philosophical problems of modern physics. Quantum logic. General issues in philosophy of science.


Bryan W. Roberts|

Assistant Professor

Foundations of quantum theory. Philosophy of physics. Philosophy of science. Philosophy of time. History of physics. Foundations of economics and climate science.

Katie Steele|

Associate Professor

Rational choice theory. Methodology of science. Climate-change decisions: scientific and ethical issues.


Alex Voorhoeve|

Associate Professor

Political Philosophy. Rational and Social Choice Theory. Moral Philosophy. Philosophy of Economics.

Gabriel Wollner|

Assistant Professor

Political Philosophy. Moral Philosophy. International Political Theory. Public Policy. Business ethics.

John Worrall|


Philosophy of science. Theory change in science. Nineteenth century optics. Philosophy and methodology of medicine (especially the scope and limits of scientific method). Evidence-based medicine.

Visiting Staff, Guest Lecturers, and Associates

Name Role Expertise

Catherine Audard|

Visiting Fellow

Kant, Hegel, Continental philosophy. Anglo-American and political philosophy. Classical, "new" and neo-liberalisms. John Stuart Mill, problems of utilitarianism. Problems of contemporary citizenship and multiculturalism. The Rawls Habermas Debate.

Nick Baigent|

Visiting Professor

Rational Choice Theory. Identities and Violence. Topological Social Choice Theory.


Nancy Cartwright|

Professor Emerita

Philosophy and history of science (especially physics and economics). Causal inference. Causal powers. Scientific emergence and objectivity and evidence, especially for evidence-based policy [EBP].


Wulf Gaertner|

Visiting Professor

Collective choice theory. Empirical studies in social choice. Theory of human rationality.

Casey Helgeson|

Research Fellow

Philosophy of Science. History and philosophy of biology. Formal epistemology. Philosophy and climate science


Colin Howson|

Professor Emeritus

Philosophy of science. Logic. Foundations of probability.

Marie Milofsky|

Guest Lecturer

Political philosophy. Ethical theory. Rational choice and bargaining theory.

Max Steuer| 

Reader Emeritus

Economic implications of culture. Evolutionary selection mechanisms. Rationality. Interaction between design and social forces.


Charlotte Werndl|

Visiting Professor

General philosophy of science. Philosophy of physics. Philosophy of climate science. Philosophy of mathematics. Evidence and philosophy of statistics.

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Administrative Staff 

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Becky Matthams 

Department Manager|

+44 (0) 20 7955 7340

Tom Hinrichsen

Undergraduate Administrator
(BSc programmes)| 

+44 (0) 20 7955 7901


Ewan Rodgers

Graduate Programmes Manager
(MSc & MPhil/PhD programmes)|

+44 (0) 20 7955 7341

You can find the administrative team in room LAK.G.01.


Visiting Staff, Guest Lecturers, and Associates

Administrative Staff

You can contact the administrative team at|.

Becky Matthams, Department Manager

Tom Hinrichsen, Undergraduate Administrator


Ewan Rodgers, Graduate Programmes Manager