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How pharmacist reviews are helping asthma patients

A community pharmacist review of patients is cost-effective and improves treatment. 

ISIS violence against Yazidis in Iraq

Study provides evidence that ISIS killed or kidnapped an estimated 9,900 of the Yazidi religious minority in August 2014.

Art and the city

What does it mean to design for free speech? Can architects create urban commons? Can respect be built into the city? An exhibition exploring these questions has opened at LSE.

Rupert Stasch

Primitivist Tourism and Anthropological Research: awkward relations

This year's Malinowski Memorial Lecture draws on Rupert Stasch's fieldwork studying Cannibal Tours-type encounters between international visitors and Korowai people of Indonesian Papua. Event date: Thursday 25 May



Does the language of cinema lend itself to questions of metaphysics and mortality? How can a character, a close up, or a cut represent a concept? In this panel, a filmmaker, a film critic, and a philosopher explore the ways in which film has engaged with philosophy and ask how far we might consider film itself a philosophical medium. Event date: Tuesday 23 May


Within our apparently secular, globalised, and technology-driven world, we are witnessing a return of apocalyptic thinking. What are its current incarnations and why have they emerged now? Or did apocalyptic thinking ever really leave us? Is it inescapably linked to our belief in progress? What are the politics of apocalypse? Does it paralyse or inspire us? In this event, the panel will consider philosophical, ecological, literary, and theological manifestations of apocalyptic thinking. Event date: Tuesday 30 May

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Mary Bousted

Speakers: Dr Mary Bousted (pictured), Peter Hitchens, Melissa Benn, Mark Morrin, Harriet Sergeant 
Recorded: Wednesday 17 May 2017, approx. 102 minutes    


Speaker: Kyriakos Mitsotaki
Recorded: Monday 15 May 2017


Speaker: Professor Jonathan Wolff
Recorded: Tuesday 16 May 2017

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